WIP Wednesday

Spring is here and with it comes the season of conventions and competitions! As you read this miniature painters and sculptors are scrambling to finish pieces for the Iron Painter competition hosted by Wyrd minis. The Iron Painter is a crazy difficult competition where you are given a theme and have two weeks to come up with a miniature piece that explores it. Then your miniature goes head to head against another in a round of voting. Because your doing a new piece every two weeks with no way to guess the theme, it produces a mountain of ¬†interesting pieces to browse through. It’s too late to enter now but I’ll leave a link to the forum below to the gallery of competing pieces to look through. I believe this weeks theme was “pink”.

I am also preparing for summer competitions, albeit at a much slower pace. I’m hoping to get 4 or 5 miniatures ready for judging by August.


Rocket is very close to being done. He has that great cartoon look I was aiming for but he’s just a tad to bright for his base. I’ll probably use some technical pigment to dirty him up and bring the piece together.


The base is about half way there but needs to be toned way down. I’ve placed primary colors to map out what I want the ship to look like. It’s a crashed ship so there will be a good amount of dirt and scratches showing in the end.


Ive also started on a new bust from FER miniatures. By priming him black first I can use a white primer to help me see how light would hit the miniature from a certain angle. There’s a lot of open skin on the piece so it should help me practice my skin tone and blending. As well as some unusual lighting effects.

Hopefully Rocket will be wrapped by next week and I’ll be able to post a Step by Step (with more pictures of each stage) Until then look out for another Miniature Maker showcase coming soon. And to all you competing this summer remember to have fun and good luck!


Check out the Iron Painter 2016 competition


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