Killer Kickstarters: Rum and Bones Second Tide



You lucky scurvy dogs you! It looks like two massive miniature board game Kickstarters are wrapping up in the same week. So I hope you sent your wallet and credit cards to Davy Jones locker when you had the chance. Because Cool Mini or Not is known for taking your loot faster than a drunken den of thieves.


This is the expansion to last years successful Rum and Bones Kickstarter. Designed by Michael Shinal and is for two players only (the box says for 4 but it seems they still want you to split into two teams) and the game pits two pirate crews against each other as they battle for control of the enemy ship without losing control of their own.


How are these classic nautical battles simulated you ask? Simply use everyone on your crew as cannon fodder (don’t worry you have an endless amount of these dim witted deck hands) while 5 actually useful pirates jump in and out of the fray destroying and slaughtering everything. If this sounds like some weird Indy video game you downloaded drunk recently then…yes you’ve got a good grasp on how it feels to play.


Second Tide will include two new pirate crews and their respective ships, along with new cards and sea monsters. Also included is an option to purchase an update for the original game.

As is CMON style there are a ton of stretch goals and exclusives that you can only get through this Kickstarter.


This was painted by BigChild Creative to show how the finished miniatures could look. Unfortunately us mortals will simply have to try our best when painting and attempt to not drool over all the pictures.

Theres still time to pledge (even if the Kickstarter is over they will accept late pledges for a time) if your interested. The game will be hitting retail later this year for those that want to wait for the reviews. You can also check out the original Rum&Bones to hold you over until the Second Tide release. So grab your grog, put on the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack and start plundering.

Click here to check out the Second Tide Kickstarter

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