10 Board Games With Miniatures You Need to Own

Between hours of painting plus hours spent playing with your friends, board games with miniatures are a smart investment. Here are 10 board games with great miniatures that are hitting our table again and again.

1) Descent 2nd Edition


This game was one of the first to feature a box so full of miniatures and gameplay, it could be used as a deadly weapon. One player takes the role of Overloard and tries to stop a team of adventuring opponents from getting through a dungeon. It’s different, challenging, and will take care of that pesky Alpha gamer problem your group has.

2) Blood Rage


Arguably one of the best games of 2015, Blood Rage may also contain the best board game miniatures of all time. Seriously I’ve seen these Viking themed plastic bits win competitions against uber expensive Resin casts. The fact that there’s an amazing game underneath all that plastic glory is impressive. Add to that the knowledge that Eric Lang made a euro super fun and thematic? Ill have an amusing quip for that as soon as I can pick my jaw off the floor.

3) Mice and Mystics


If you’r a lover of Brian Jacques’ Redwall books look no further for gaming paradise. This Co-Op game has players teaming up and completing storybook like chapters about a mouse prince trying to save his kingdom. Great for a mixed group of adults and kids it combines storytelling, miniatures, and beautiful artwork to create a unexpectedly charming gaming experience.

4) The Adventurers


One of the rare games where your destruction can be almost as hilarious as it is painful, the Adventurers is a classic that isn’t talked about much anymore. It involves a “push your luck” system that tempts you into making risky choices every turn. Whether you die from searching alligator filled waters or simply from carrying too much treasure to get out of the way of a slowly moving boulder, your friends will be entertained. They should probably cut their loses and leave too but there’s still time to grab one more treasure…

5)  Tail Feathers


Set in the same word as Mice and Mystics, Tail Feathers is a unique skirmish game. Two opponents take to the skies and try to out maneuver each other’s birds. The flight patterns are shown by physically tilting the birds on angles, using a ball and socket. These dynamic poses combined with the beautiful mounted mice miniatures, creates one of the most visually stunning games I’ve ever seen hit the table.

6) Zombicide


The game that kicked Kickstarter, Zombicide is now a multi million dollar franchise. For good reason too, this Co-Op game is a blast to play every time. With more pop culture references than you thought possible and setting the new standard for game miniatures, Zombicide is a great jumping off point for people looking to get into the hobby.

7) Tokaido Collectors Edition


Normally one doesn’t suggest going all in for a new game but I promise take the risk for this one. Takaido is an amazing game and the collectors edition has enough new things in it that you’ll want it all eventually anyway. This edition features beautiful miniatures that contrast the board so nicely you may not want to paint them. Add some metal coins, special box, and all current expansions and it’s a great deal for the price.

8) Mansions of Madness


With possibly the most disturbing miniatures on our list, Mansions of Madness is not for everyone. However if you like 1 vs all and cheesy horror films check this gem out. A group of players try to solve a mystery and get out of the house, while one player (playing the house) tries to kill them before they know too much. It’s cheesy, thematic, fun, and filled with Cuthulhu minis. Just set aside your night because this epic showdown takes a few hours to complete.

9)  Arcadia Quest


With small statures and giant eyes, chibi miniatures are becoming more popular every year. Arcaida Quest provides you with piles of them to fill a beautifully illustrated dungeon. This Co-Op game lets you team up, kill, and loot your way through levels ending in epic boss fights. Arcadia Quest’s a Co-Op game… until you like the sword your friend found… and then suddenly it’s not anymore. Which leaves every game ending in an amazing (and bloody) free for all. And really, shouldn’t that be the way of all games?



When Fantasy Flight makes a miniature game they don’t mess around. The AT-ST in Imperial Assault is so massive that it consumes the tile it’s walking on. As the Empire player it’s a lovely giant walking death trap that your going to enjoy unleashing on your enemies. Your Rebel friends might have good tactics but you pretty much have all the guns, monsters, and a little Sith Lord called Darth Vader.


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