Work In Progress Wednesday

Things have been slow around my painting table lately. With increasing work hours due to the longer days of summer it’s been difficult to put aside time for art. But like anything in life your hobbies will always wax, wane, and evolve with you. The only important thing is to never give up trying to find time somewhere for the things you love. Until things calm down I will continue to pump this blog full of the coolest new miniatures and companies for you to explore. I have been able to hit the table a few times and my first bust is really coming along



There’s still a some amount of blending and shading to be done on the left side skin but it’s over the proverbial hump now. The cloth is also going to take a few more sessions but overall I’m happy with the project. He may not win the competition but it’s exciting to think I’m really pushing myself to move into a new level of skill.

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