Painting Mice and Mystics Lily

My apologies for missing yesterday’s WIP post. It was in part due to the exciting news that Lily is no longer a Work In Progress but a finished piece and the next in our Painting Mice&Mystics series.


Lily is my personal favorite of the tiny heros you can play as. She doesn’t appear in the game right away but shows up in later scenarios to save the day.

The bases will be left unpainted from now on because I’ve decided to rebase all the pieces after they’ve been finished.
Sorry about the shadow of the phone. I’m saving up for a nice light box but until then the awkwardly lighted pictures will continue :p
The cape is done with a glazing technique. That means I watered down the original color and slowly added more layers. For the final layers I added a little white and yellow and a dark green wash in the folds.

Im very happy with the progress that I’ve made with blending, glazing, and building leatherwork. If I look back at older pieces, I can see the two brush technique really improving with each piece. The Two Brush Technique is where you take two similar shades of colors, paint them side by side and use a 2nd brush to blend the middle together.

The bow and arrows are birch tipped with red leather straps and feathers.
The white wood makes the red feathers really pop! It also helps break up the red and green and help keep the piece from the dreaded Christmas look (something you risk anytime you put red and green together)

I also was given the great idea of painting Lily’s bow in Birch by a friend. Never painting that kind of wood before I did some research and I came across a great article by Dagger & Brush. If you haven’t checked out this blog yet, but you love war gaming, you should definitely head over there. I’ll include a link at the bottom to the Birch tutorial. It’s easy to understand and has some great example pictures of the technique. Although his came out a very realistic Birch while mine is probably a step above camo, I’m still really happy with it as a first try. I hope to try more weapons and armor in unusual materials more often.

Here’s a link to the Dagger and Brush guide to painting Birch

2 thoughts on “Painting Mice and Mystics Lily

  1. daggerandbrush February 12, 2016 / 2:28 am

    Excellent work on the mouse and I like the birch ‘look’. I also think the green cloak really has some nice blending going on, so does the tail. I look forward to mor applications of the 2 brush technique. I got the advise to mix some red into the shadows for green. It seesm the great masters did this to shade green in their artworks, to get that rich contrast. I did not try it yet, but will definitly go for it with my next miniature.


    • aceobjection February 12, 2016 / 4:35 pm

      Sounds interesting, I’ll have to try it next time I do green clothing. I’ve been reading Color by Betty Edwards and getting into that level of color detail in art is a whole new world. It’s a great study on the subject and creating realistic contrast, as well as making your colors pop.


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