Painting Descent 2nd Edition

A Descent Boss Monster


A Descent Normal Monster


If you don’t want to put in the time painting two color schemes you can simply paint a red rim around one of the bases.


Excited to be kicking off a new project today! Descent 2nd edition is a huge (as in we’re going to need a bigger boat huge) semi co-op game with one player working as the forces of evil and everyone else teaming up to stop them. You get miniatures to represent most of the inhabitants of the dungeon as well as a mini for every hero. The miniatures are of decent quality although some mold lines had to be let go because they ran over some very fragile facial features. Removing them completely would have ruined the details so instead I will try to work them into the model as scars or other character building features. One of the neatest features of the game is that one model of every monster comes in a red plastic to represent a “The Boss” of that monster. I have chosen to go with a different color scheme to represent all boss level creatures, and the extra time really pays off when the game hits the table. These minis will be handled and used often so I have decided not to rebase most of them in an attempt to keep them durable. I also sprayed with a shiny acrylic coating and then dulled them with a layer of matte spray. This double spray should protect the paint from rubbing fingers for a long while.

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