Painting Mice & Mystics (Tilda)


Shades of white and black why do you tease me so! Tilda is the cleric of Plaid Hats Co-Op Mice and Mystics and wears the dreaded white robes. I tried to get a gritty look on the white that would reflect stomping around beneath a castle. I did dirty bone as a base and a little rucksack tan mixed with white for the highlights. In retrospect I would have done the dirty bone as a base and just kept adding white to build up highlights. Then done some mud spot effects on the bottom rim of the robes. The flat red dot at her neck is a small plastic gemstone that I glued on. It doesn’t look that great in the pics but on the table it really catches the light and pops. The base I’m not worried about because I have decided to go back and rebase the set with more detailed relic and dungeon bases. Looking for a good base match now so any suggestions let me know below. Despite the grayish tone I’m still very happy with how this mini turned out and I feel ready for the next white cloth challenge thrown my way!

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