WIP Wednesday

I hope you are all warm and toasty on this wintery Wednesday. The kitchen has been crazy this week! (We’re already making a plan of attack for Valentine’s Day!) So unfortunately there hasn’t been any finished projects since last week. But there’s some exciting news on the horizon. A bad snow storm is supposed to hit this weekend, and a few feet of snow should be perfect for trapping me in my workshop and getting some serious painting done. Until then I have some Work in Progress shots from this week.

This Goblin Archer Boss is proving trickier than his comrades to get the highlighting to look natural. But once the skin is done everything else should be all downhill.
These goblin archers are next up for the Descent Series and are almost done! Really loving how they are coming out.
This is a personal side project that I’m  doing for some practice and fun. It’s Marvel’s Rocket Racoon from Knight Models. He’s my favorite character from Guardians of the Galaxy and more importantly the best character in Marvel Vs Capcom. He’s pretty small and I broke his arm off when polishing him. After gluing my fingers together many times I got it back on and used some Green Stuff to reinforce the fix. I’ve decided to prime him white instead of my normal gray because I really want his colors to be bright and cartoony.
This Cerebus Sabertooth Tiger Mini is from Wyrd Minis and looks pretty cool once it’s together. Getting it there was a nightmare though. I had a terrible time pinning it and there were some massive gaps that had to be filled in with “Green Stuff” and resculpted. The feet also had to be drastically altered since I’m creating a custom base for it. It certainly tested my patience but now I’m glad I went the extra mile fixing it up. Plus I had “Coming to America” playing in the background and that makes any rough job better.
This Soul Carrier is from Wyrd Minis and the detail is fantastic. Not sure what colors I’m going to choose for the clothing but the fire will be green and gray. I’m also researching some very cool effects for the display base.

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