A New Year and It’s (Hopefully) All Up Hill


For the new year I want to take a look back to my beginning. So here they are, the great two first stumbling steps in my miniature adventure. Good news is it’s all up hill from here. Bad news is that my slick gumshoe detective ended up looking like a bad “They Live” prop. Also not sure if I did a good highlight on the skeleton or simply rubbed the paint off the skull by accident. Minis are Bones from Reaper Miniatures and didn’t cost much so I got some good practice in for a few dollars in. Primed in white and did a matte spray to practice using the cans. I think it’s alays a good idea to keep from altering old work even if your not proud of it anymore. It’s like a snapshot in time and you can see how much you have grown and be confident that what’s giving you trouble now will be conquered by next year.

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